The Aspe potential significantly exceeds all commonly used budgetary programs as it allows to interconnect individual stages.
The system provides a uniform basis for communication between the designer, investor and contractor. Its basic features include the possibility to exchange data in any structure of MS Excel, Aspe and XML forms..


Compliance with the legislation of the Czech Republic

Methodology for creating quotations and their implementation in accordance with the regulation No.  230/2012 Coll.


Average prices and their comparison with the price system
Setting own control parameters
Individual pricing mirror

In the course of the construction realization

Continuous monitoring of the construction
Consistency of the work carried out and changes during the construction
Control of the material and financial performance of the construction
Document management

Aspe Online

The AspeOnline monitoring system facilitates a continuous monitoring of the construction in different periods and an easy sorting of individual items on the list of works. The need to record and watch the use of financial resources starts with the investment plan and ends with the completion and handover of the construction. A key role has the material and financial plan of the whole project and monitoring of its implementation which means that a clear output on planned and remaining funds is needed.
All this and much more can be done with our AspeOnline system. 

Aspe Online

Project management

Records of projects starting with the investment plan already
Overview of the performance and records of responsible persons
Records of the time schedule and financial plan 

Time schedule

Time schedule and financial plan of the construction and their actual implementation
Milestones, technological pauses, critical path  


Tracking orders during the construction realization and after its completion
Useful tool for recording complaints and their monitoring
Ideal tool for construction managers and technical supervision of the investor 

Management Information Portal

A graphic overview of contracts fulfilling, assessment of planned and actual performances, analysis of contract costs – plan vs. reality, control of key economic indicators and a list of assets and liabilities.

An overview of upcoming investments with a graphic display of their performance, separate monitoring of project groups and funds for particular projects and a control of regional operation projects paid from EU funds. MIP offers also a project cash flow and a graphic or email warning by undesirable values of key indicators development.



Time stamps of any outputs and the possibility to compare them with their previous state.


Reports are sent automatically to designated people at the desired time.

Users´ reports

The possibility to create own reports and printouts.
Aspe Cloud

Aspe Cloud

Aspe Cloud is an optimal solution for the communication between members of the investor´s   realization team, investor´s technical supervision, designers and contractors. They all communicate in one environment resulting in a minimum risk connected with the construction preparation and realization.  Aspe Cloud provides topicality of all documents and the possibility to plan in real time. Its great advantage is its ability to be accessed from anywhere.

Common language

A complex exchange and modification of data from different forms is eliminated.

Zero maintenance

Minimum costs and IT demands for all participants.

Possibility of extending

Aspe Cloud can be extended by the Contract Management program


Aspe Services provide a comprehensive portfolio of activities in the area of tenders, education, control, project and process management of the construction and consulting and advisory services.  That includes, among other things, certified trainings, system modifications according to the client´s requirements, data services, technical assistance during construction and an assistance by tenders.
Aspe Services

Regular trainings and educational courses.

System development and modification according to the customer´s requirements.

Preparation of documents and evaluation of tenders – a pricing mirror.

Consultation and advice in the project management.

Data care and documents management for invoicing and changes during the construction.

Release of bank guarantees for finished constructions.

Data transfer from any form into Aspe.

Control activities during construction provided to investors and contractors.

Monitoring of constructions co-financed from the Regional Operation Program (ROP).



The StavData system allows an on-line comparison of prices and specifications of products in the construction industry. Technical, business and production processes in this branch require a high-quality and fast data communication.
The StavData system optimizes processes related to building materials data and uses IT in the construction preparation and realization. Its long-term goal is to provide high-quality services.


Using producers´ price lists when making own calculations
Making your products visible on the Aspe portal and by Aspe useres

Price lists

Users of Aspe system have all StavData price lists at their disposal


Inquiry list on the StavData web site and in the Aspe system

Price systems

The Aspe Price Systems offer an optimal solution how to quickly make a budget or set prices of construction contracts.
Its basis is the integration of used price systems, including their updates, into one system. Increased demands on users and costs of acquiring and maintaining multiple programs are thus eliminated. It can be also used for creating separate corporate price lists.. 

Cenové soustavy

Price systems

CS ÚRS Praha
Slovak classification of construction works
And more...

Administration of price lists

Administration of price lists
User´s rights and accesses
Clear arrangement and intuitive system of the items search

No losses

Own price lists of works and materials for individual calculations
Budgets and assessments based on hundreds of thousands of items

There is no harm in trying!

Aspe on trial
Aspe products
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